Aims & Objectives

LOCALITY represents a breakthrough in the utilisation of algae cultivation as a wastewater management resource and mean for industrial circularity while stimulating algae-based product development and their market uptake.

The main objective of LOCALITY is to develop circular and sustainable value chains, linking key industrial players to stimulate co-creation and bring new and innovative algae-based products to regional and global markets, while protecting and restoring Europe’s aquatic ecosystems.


LOCALITY sets the basis for the market to uptake innovative, socially responsible, and sustainable food, aquafeed ingredients, agriculture, and textile products formulated using algal biomasses and/or ingredients from side streams and the Baltic and North Seas, demonstrate their social and economic benefits, define commercialisation strategies and ensure consumer and market acceptance.

How we will do this?

Demonstrate and validate at industrial/pilot scales algae cultivation using industrial nutrient-rich side streams

Algae cultivation at productivities comparable to the use of commercial growth media in the three industrial established ecosystems.

Promote industrial cooperation and symbiosis by bringing multi-sectorial players together

Three industrial ecosystems established and demonstrated.

Promote circular economy while valorising industrial by-products

Depletion and recycling 80% of the nutrients present in the side streams.

Provide environmental service by removing nutrients from the Baltic and North Seas

Harvest up to 500kg of dry seaweed or cyanobacterial biomass from both locations.

Ensure minimum emissions along the value chains, with maximum productivity

Quantitative life cycle analysis comparing available data of already existing and newly developed products or ecosystem processes.

Characterise functionality and bioactivity of different biomasses and ingredients

At least two functional ingredients and/or biomasses for the food, aquafeed, agriculture, and textile sectors.

Develop new and innovative algal-based products

Three alternative protein substitutes (meat, fish and egg analogues), two nutraceuticals, one aquafeed ingredient, two agricultural products, and two textile additives.

Assess consumer perception and acceptance, develop and test commercialisation strategy to prepare for successful market implementation and exploitation, overcoming economic and legal barrier

Consumer (hedonic evaluation and pan EU survey), market, economic and legal studies, as well as the business model generated for the algae-based LOCALITY products.

Increase public awareness and understanding of the project concept, results, and products

Written, visual and audiovisual content is produced, published and actively distributed. Co-creation engagement actions, e.g. citizen science or industry workshops are conducted. Repeated surveys provide objectively identifiable changes in public awareness.

Aggregate clusters to enrich the consortium, including link with other Missions actions

Four issemination actions promoted by specialised clusters; joint webinars (1/year) with other Mission actions

Cooperation Networks

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Related Research

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